17 Cross Contamination Control – Weigh Station Operators Policy

Policy  Ashbern Farms picking staff and supervisors ensure that green picking trays in the field do not become contaminated with foreign objects such as stones, wood, dirt etc. 


Procedure  Who – Pickers, supervisors, roustabouts, management team 


What – Identify and prevent the green picking trays with fruit from becoming contaminated with foreign objects from the field or through transportation to the pack house. 


Where – Field 


When – During picking, palletising and throughout the transportation to the pack house  

Work Instructions 
  1. All picking staff have been instructed to monitor and prevent any green picking trays from becoming contaminated with any foreign objects. 
  1. If contamination is found, the picking supervisor or a member of the management team must be notified. 
  1. A cross-contamination document must be filled out and a corrective action procedure in order to prevent the occurrence documented. 
Records  Cross-contamination Control Record – Weigh Station 

Corrective Action Procedure Record RM4c 

Photographs as deemed necessary