30 Controlling the Risk of Chemicals with Long WHP Policy


Policy  Ashbern Farms follows the APVMA guidelines on withholding period (WHP) timeframes for chemicals used with registration on Strawberries. Ashbern Farms use only chemicals with a maximum withholding period (WHP) of 3days and ensures that the crop is not harvested before the WHP timeframe. 
Procedure  Who –The farm manager, the spray operator, the picking supervisor 


What – Follow the guidelines on the WHP for chemicals registered for and used on the crop. 


Where – the growing fields 2 West Road Stanthorpe; 287 Kings Road, Glasshouse Mountains 


When – During the harvest months 

Work Instructions 
  1. All chemicals ordered by the farm manager or spray operator must be registered for use on Strawberries. 
  1. Chemicals with a greater WHP than 3 days may not be used on the farm. 
  1. Spray Diary must record the chemical applications up to date at all times and made available to the picking supervisors or any member of the management team. 
  1. Spray Diary Record 
  1. List of chemicals detailing the WHP