12 Waste Control – Field Policy

12 Waste Control – Field Policy 


Policy  Ashbern Farms pickers are trained to remove and dispose of any fruit that is classified as waste, either through damage, non-conformance to size, shape and integrity into white 10lt field bins. The bins are weighed against the picker number and the waste fruit is emptied into a 500kg harvest bins. The harvest bin is removed from the fields and emptied at a specified location on the farm. 


Procedure  Who – Pickers are responsible for grading the fruit according to Ashbern Farms specifications 


What – All damaged fruit, fruit which does not meet specification 


Where – Field 


When – During harvest 

Work Instructions 
  1. During picking, pickers are required to sort fruit and grade out any fruit that does not meet specifications. 
  1. All workers are trained on a one on one basis. 
  1. Waste product is checked by weigh station staff and field supervisors to ensure that all fruit is graded correctly. 
Records  A record of waste is produced on a daily basis with the picker’s summary.